foreign teachers of english مطلوب مدرسين اجانب في السعودية

foreign teachers of english مطلوب مدرسين اجانب في السعودية

Foreign teachers (men and women) are required to teach English for the Language Academy in Riyadh.

Conditions required to apply for the job ( Main responsibilities) :

Develop and prepare weekly lesson plans that meet the client’s core objectives and principles and are consistent
with curriculum objectives
Teach students or adult staff using a variety of educational methods appropriate to different academic levels, Effectively meeting the diverse needs of students.
To teach all components of the language. Grammar, grammar, vocabulary, word use, pronunciation, phonetics, intonation, truncation, and everything else.
To smoothly develop learners’ English language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills)
Promote understanding and appreciation for reading.
To prepare teaching aids, supplementary teaching materials, and resources in line with learning objectives and student needs.
Excellent classroom management.
Deep knowledge of ESL/TEFL curricula and curricula
Manage assessments and submit weekly, monthly, and end-of-semester reports.
Monitor learners’ progress
Promote self-learning of learners’ core requirements and skills
Bachelor’s degree in English or English Language Teaching
CELTA or TEFL (120 hours)
At least 4 years of teaching experience
Experience in preparing for the IELTS exam
Experience in teaching medical terminology
Transferable residence requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
MA Applied Linguistics / MA English
Certified by the State Board as an English Language Teacher or PGCE
Registered IELTS Examiner
New employees are required to provide a non-expired identification document containing a photograph and other acceptable documents that prove eligibility for employment.
In addition to determining whether the new employee is authorized to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Foreign citizens are required (British – Australian – American – or English speakers of European nationalities as a first language) who hold Saudi residency and wish to transfer sponsorship or a foreigner who wants to work.
Salary will be determined according to experience in the personal interview

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